NoClean Aquariums – Betta Fish Tank

The Grommet team discovers the self-cleaning aquarium from NoClean Aquariums. Waste naturally works its way downward. The design has a reservoir at the bottom, so the waste passes through the rocks where it flushes out through the plumbing system.

HOW TO: Care for Betta Fish

Aquatic expert Tom Sarac introduces different varieties of betta fish and offers helpful tips on caring for this popular fish species, including ideal habitats, food preferences, water conditions and more.

5 Things You’ve Heard about Betta Fish That AREN’T True

I recorded this a few days ago but finally got around to editing it!
5 common things you will hear or may have already heard about betta fish. Making a video in the future about the basics to betta fish care and how to attempt a community tank with your betta!

Thank you for watching! Hopefully I'll be getting a better camera here soon.

Sharks found in NY home’s basement pool

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How to Clean a Fishbowl Safely & Quick

Comments have been disabled due to the amount of people who didn’t read the video description and commented on this video carelessly. MY BETTAS DO NOT LIVE IN THESE BOWLS PERMANENTLY. This video remains posted as this video can be useful to those who use as bowls as hospital tanks, quarantines, temporary tanks, and those who do chose to keep their bettas in 1 gallons permanently. Thank you for understanding, and I apologize to those who left kind comments on my video.